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Top 15 Famous food of Odisha

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food of odisha

How many of us have heard about the famous food of Odisha? Okay, so why not go with some traditional Odia food this month? See this article about famous food of Odisha cuisine is generally simple, tasty and prepared using locally available ingredients.

There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian food too. You can also find variety of sweets and if you have sweeth-tooth, then you must try some of the famous sweets. I hope all of you will try to eat some odia food after reading this article, so let’s know about some cuisines.

  • Pakhala Bhata
  • Badi Chura
  • Santula
  • Dalma
  • Ghanta
  • Potala alu rasa
  • Dahi Bara Aloo Dum
  • Rasagulla
  • Chhena Poda
  • Pitha
  • Poda Pitha
  • Khaja
  • Manda Pitha
  • Kakera Pitha
  • Korakhoi

Pakhala Bhata

food of odisha

Pakhala is a simple odia cuisine where the cooked rice is fermented in water. It is mostly prepared in the hot summer days which keeps us cool. Wet rice is mixed with salt, spices, mint or pea leaves and then yogurt is added. Mostly with sticks. This plate is served Locals say Pakhala helps bring good sleep.

Badi Chura

food of odisha

This is again a must have dish and is mostly with pakhala. Anyone can cook this just by blending badi with garlic , green chillies and onion. The aromatic smell of onion and garlic along with badi is just amazing. You can’t get over it once you taste it.


food of odisha

One of the main food of Odisha, Santula is a classic Oriya delicacy that you can slurp and slurp even more on your trip. Made with raw papaya, brinjal, and tomato, the dish has more greens and fewer spices, thereby having all the makings for a healthy dish.


food of odisha

Dalma is one of the best food of Odisha food, usually enjoyed with plain rice as a staple food. Dalma’s fragrant vegetables are made with tour dal, chana dal, kakaru, potatoes, bronzes and other nutritious vegetables. Not only is the plate more flavorful, it is also healthier Only during the Kartik Mahina of the Hindu calendar, which usually takes place between October and November, the people of Odisha make a special kind of dalma known as Habisha Dalma.


food of odisha

Ghanta in odia means mixed. It is prepared by mixing a variety of vegetables and is mostly enjoyed during festivals. This is also very high in nutrition and can be eaten with rice or roti.

Potala alu rasa

food of odisha

Potato Alu Rasa is one of the most popular foods of Odisha which consists of potatoes, chopped husks, spices and Southern Bai leaves. Dis is something you should not miss on a visit to Odisha The delicious taste of potato juice is bound to stay with you for a long time after your trip to Odisha

Odisha should not only be explored for its archaeological wonders and the spectacular natural beauty in it, but also make your travel experience more satisfying for its diverse cuisine. With local food to visit Odisha to try, who knows, you might end up adding a famous dish of Odisha to your favorite food list.

Dahi Bara Aloo Dum

food of odisha

If you are a street food lover, you must have heard about Dahi Bara Alo Dum which every Oriya wants. This food is very tasty and you will not forget to mix bananas with vegetables It is served with potatoes,and dumplings, and topped with chopped onions, coriander leaves and sauces. You can find thalas or stalls of Dahi Bara in every corner of the city Cuttack is famous for this delicious food It is now found in almost all parts of Odisha.


food of odisha

Rasagulla is made from chenna and cooked in sugar syrup It is available in almost every sweet stall but Pahala Rasgullah is just the best It has about 40-50 shops and is a tried and tested place.

Chhena Poda

food of odisha

Chena Poda After eating it you will be depressed about this deliciousness Cooked for hours on a stretch, the bowl is made from home-cooked cottage cheese, sugar syrup, and semolina. The caramelized sugar of Chennai Poda gives it a special taste and it is one of the foods in Odisha that you can find in every vehicle in the state.

Chakuli Pitha

food of odisha

Pitha is a cereal-based steamed cake that will tantalize your taste buds just like the other dishes of Odisha. Being a famous dish of Odisha, the dish is made in the form of many variants such as poda pitha, chakuli pitha, and many more. Being one of the special delicacies of Odisha, they are cooked both on special occasions and as a common dish in Odisha’s households. Here is a little more about the variants of pithas:

Chakuli Pitha: It is made from black gram cereal and is a crispy delight to munch on during your trip.

Poda Pitha

food of odisha

This is another cooked cake-style Oriya dish called the Urad Dal Jaga Cake. The main ingredients of this recipe are millet, coconut, eggplant leaves, rice flour, dried fruit and milk. It is ready during the popular King of Odisha festival. The festival lasts for three days in which women take a break from their daily Nandin housework and play indoor games.


food of odisha

Khaja, or fritters dipped in sugar syrup, are the worst and most delicious coastal sweets. It is one of the chapan bhogs of the Jagannath Temple in Puri There are 56 types of food offerings in Chapan Bhog Puri receives a large number of Bengali tourists every year and the demand for Khaja among them is high.

Manda Pitha

food of odisha

Manda pitha or the rice flour dumpling looks like a twin sister of rasgulla from outside but has a coconut stuffing inside. It also resembles South India’s Kozhakkattai and Maharashtra’s Modak. It is usually prepared during monsoons and post-monsoons for festivals like Gamha Purnima, Manabasa Gurubara or Kumar Purnima.

Kakera Pitha

food of odisha

Kakera pitha of Odisha are deep-fried semolina dessert infused with fennel and cardamon. It is one of the most loved desserts in Odisha and is offered in various temples as prasad. One bite of this juicy dessert will definitely make you crave for more.


food of odisha

This old-town crunchy caramelized delicacy is whipped up with jaggery, coconut, khai and cardamoms. Korakhai too is served as a prasad to many deities. These are available in packets and since they are dry, many tourists prefer to carry them on their way back home. A shop named Baya Baba Kora Khai in Bhubaneshwar is highly reputed for selling this dry sweet.

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