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10 Amazing Hill Stations In Odisha That Have Been Launched But Probably the Best For 2021

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hill stations in odisha

Odisha is a state that has got it all. Odisha is known widely as a coastal state, it features a number of hill stations too, which you probably never knew about. So, if you are a hill-lover and missing them in Odisha, you can definitely give these hill stations in Odisha, a chance. These hill stations are far away from the chaos of the urban lifestyle and ensure a calm and soothing experience for the tourists.

10 Best Hill Stations in Odisha

  • Daringbadi
  • Dumuriput
  • Tensa Hill
  • Olasuni Hill
  • Deuli Hills
  • Niyamgiri Hills
  • Chandragiri
  • Niyamgiri Hills
  • Devagiri Range
  • Deomali Mountains


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Every one know Daringbadi is known as Kashmir of Odisha.Daringbadi is a quiet village surrounded by lush green hills, waterfalls and banana forests. It is one of the ideal hill stations in Odisha that boasts of many attractive valleys and plains where a lot of coffee trees are planted. Tourists can find enough space to participate in some activities like trekking and forest safaris which makes it a two vent adventure hill station in Odisha. You can go up the hill and sleep in to watch the birds. Watching the sunrise from Zodiac, and enjoying a 360° view of the city is something that couples can do while enjoying some privacy.

Nearest railway station: Ambodala, 70 km

Nearest airport: Bhubaneswar

Places to stay: Utopia Resort

What to see: Gopalpur beach, Dhabaleshwar temple and beach, Sri Sri Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Pitha, Potagarh fort, Taratarini temple, and more.

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Situated at a distance of 1000 meters above sea level, Dumuriput is a serene village with impressive hills and a wide valley and is indeed one of the highest hill stations in Odisha. Situated between Koraput and Sunabeda, Dumuriput offers a beautiful climate and is ideal for exploring tourists. The city is quite famous as a pilgrimage site and people from different walks of life come here to enter the religious fog. The famous Hanuman statue located here is the major attraction of the destination.

Nearest railway station: Koraput, 12 km

Nearest airport: Vishakhapatnam, 185 km

Places to stay: Raj Residency

What to see: Sri Ram Temple, Tribal Museum, Koraput, Kolab Dam, Jagganath Temple, Koraput, Rani Duduma waterfalls, Koraput.

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Tensa Hill

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Tensa hill located in Rourkela.Tensa Hill is settled at an of 3700 meters above sea level. The vast area is surrounded by lush green plains and hills all around the destination and is one of the top hill stations in Odisha. Tourists can discover a large number of major attractions, and most of them have historical and cultural significance. There is it is a typical hill station and best suited for couples who want to enjoy some privacy.

Nearest railway station: Barsuan railway station

Nearest airport: Rourkela airport

Places to stay: Hotel Maa Tarini, Hotel Adhar, and Hotel New Mayur

What to see: Shanti Stupa, hills, forests, and more.

Olasuni Hill

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Known for its deeply religious and mythological significance while being in the city of Kendrapara, Olasuni Hill has gained a lot of popularity for its cultural activities. Known as the abode of Goddess Olasuni, this place attracts a large number of devotees and pilgrims from different parts of the country.

One of the most important festivals in the state, Maga Ekadashi is celebrated here with big pumps and shows and forms the main attraction of the place. According to the mythological beliefs of the natives, the Olasuni hills have some symbols from the Hindu novels Ramayana and Mahabharata. Tourists traveling to Olasuni Hills can seek the blessings of Goddess Olasuni, enjoy trekking and view the dense mountain forest.

Nearest railway station: Lalitgiri railway station.

Nearest airport: Biju Patnaik international airport.

Places to stay Swayamsiddha Continental, Ambika Mandap, and Hotel Kalinga Palace.

What to see: Olasuni Temples, Olasuni Caves, Olasuni Hills, cultural dance performances, and more.

Deuli Hills

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If you have no idea about a rock-cut hill or a yellow hill, you will have to visit Deuli hill to explore its abundance. It is one of the best hill stations in Odisha and it preserves some of the most interesting ruins from the old monuments of the Grand Stupa and some authentic laterite rocks.

If you have an approach to history, you can find great historical and historical relevance to the ruins of the city. Archaeologists can also have fun exploring some of the excavations here, which are done almost everywhere in nearby spots.

What to see: Buddhist chambers, Gokarneshwara temple, historical remains

Nearest railway station: Ganjam railway station

Nearest airport: Biju Patnaik international airport

Things to do: Sightseeing, Witness mesmerizing hill views, shopping

Niyamgiri Hills

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The sacred mountain of Dongria is known to be one of the sacred hill stations in Odisha among tourists. The residents here, worship the hill to save them and prevent them as a superior power from the natural powers.

If you are an adventurer and a true explorer of nature, then you will absolutely fall in love with the bounty of nature and densely forested regions of Niyamgiri Hills. The destination gives you a great chance to live here like a local, and become a part of their community.

What to see: Tribal activities, forests, sacred mountains, and more.

Nearest railway station: Nil Nearest airport: Bhubaneshwar international airport.

Things to do: Sightseeing, Witness mesmerizing hill views, shopping

Devagiri Range

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This is one of the religious hill stations in Odisha. We know it sounds weird but here are the reasons. Known for the sacristy, the Devagiri Range features a religious cave temple at a height of above 400 meters from sea level. The cave temple has huge mythological and religious significance.

Though it is mainly visited for pilgrimage purposes, the way leading to the cave temple is quite adventurous. There is nothing man-made involved in the building process of the temple, and even the staircases are made of natural rock-cut formations. If you happen to visit during Maha Shivratri, you can witness the festive fervor here.

What to see: Kalyansingpur village, Shiva lingam, Sukhuakhai, and more.

Nearest railway station: Rayagada railway station

Nearest airport: Bhubaneshwar international airport

Things to do: Sightseeing, Witness mesmerizing hill views, shopping

Deomali Mountains

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If you want some peace of mind, the Deomali Mountains are situated at an altitude of 1,672 meters above sea level, then visiting certain mountains can be the ideal place for your vacation. Filled with painting hills and visible Greenland patches, the destination also serves as the highest peak in Odisha and is considered as one of the best hill stations in Odisha.

The best time to visit the hills is in summers or winters only during the rainy season, due to bad roads in some parts tourists can get into trouble. You are a brave vent, or religious spirit, the destination is about to blow your mind.

What to see: Sabara Srikhetra, Jagannath temple, Subai, Rani gumpha, Shiva lingam, and more.

Nearest railway station: Koraput railway station

Nearest airport: Vishakhapatnam airport, 158 km

Things to do: Sightseeing, Witness mesmerizing hill views, shopping

Places to stay: Raj Residency

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